The Virtual Valencia Boat Show crosses borders

11 de August de 2020
11 de August de 2020 Blanca

The Virtual Valencia Boat Show crosses borders

Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sri Lanka will have companies exhibiting in the first 100% virtual boat show.

Following its restructuring due to the coronavirus COVID-19 health crisis, the Virtual Valencia Boat Show has been acknowledged as a solid and safe alternative to hold a boat show in 2020, with customisable options that allow maximum optimisation of resources by adjusting costs. On closing of the first registration phase, the event has over fifty confirmed exhibitors from across the globe, with more than sixty operations in progress.

Holding the show in virtual format eliminates geographical barriers and travel costs, which together with the cancellation of other large shows has attracted the interest of numerous international companies, some of which have already confirmed their presence at the event.

The Virtual Valencia Boat Show today has companies with headquarters in Italy, Portugal and Sri Lanka, such as Fabiani Yachts, Marina de Cascais, Rivera Yachts and Saillanka Yachting Group, which join the list of national brands confirmed for the event such as De Antonio Yachts and Vulkan and international brands such as Bénéteau, Jeanneau and Monte Carlo that will be present through their distributors, amongst others.

The virtual event opens up the possibility for exhibitors to digitalise their businesses and products, as well as customer service and online sales through a specialised marketplace. The contained investment, digitalisation of sales processes and the optimisation of resources are some of the keys to the success of this new event created jointly by Grupo Alfatec, La Marina de València and the Unión de Empresas Náuticas.

A digital platform open throughout the year
The Virtual Valencia Boat Show will be held between the 28th of October and the 1st of November 2020, but the platform will be kept open throughout the year so that exhibitors can continue showcasing their products, attending to clients and selling through the specialised marketplace. “Obviously, we have adapted to this year’s circumstances, but at the same time I believe that we are offering a very valuable technological platform to all participants, which will allow them to digitalise and grow, and will surely open up new business opportunities for them. In addition, up until now we are the only ones to have presented an attractive and consolidated value proposition, which has aroused a lot of interest at the international level,” says Nacho Gómez – Zarzuela, director of the Virtual Valencia Boat Show.

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