Virtual Valencia Boat Show reveals the final design of its stands

11 de September de 2020
11 de September de 2020 Nikita

Virtual Valencia Boat Show reveals the final design of its stands

  • Marine materials to create virtual stands.
  • Technology based on 360º images that allow an extraordinary level of immersion and interactive capacity.

With less than two months to go before its opening, Virtual Valencia Boat Show has revealed the definitive design and functionalities of its virtual stands. The Valencian boat show, which has been converted to a great virtual event following the outbreak of the pandemic, offers its exhibitors a safe alternative, since the show will be able to be held regardless of weather conditions, and without geographical barriers, as it is an event capable of reaching a fully segmented global audience.

The virtual event proposal is based on innovation, customer appeal, ease of online assistance and sales and the possibility of fully personalised stands in real time.

The entrance to the event will be an aerial view of La Marina de València, giving access to the different exhibition areas, as well as the press house, events and conferences area and even the virtual tour of the historic port of Valencia.

Marine materials for a virtual world
The virtual stands have been designed following the nautical theme, favouring materials such as wood, steel, fiberglass and aluminium, but they have been built in a way that in reality would be “impossible”, thus maintaining the concept of virtuality and the licenses it allows.

Despite being a digital event, Virtual Valencia Boat Show is located in La Marina de València, and real parts of the historic Valencian dock can be appreciated as part of its architecture, thus integrating the concepts of reality and virtuality, and anchoring the event, virtually, to a physical location.

Interactivity and usability
All the Virtual Valencia Boat Show stands have interactive elements that allow the exhibitor to showcase all their products in an engaging way and make the visitor feel that they are inside a real stand. The effect is achieved through the use of a technology based on 360º images that allow an extraordinary level of immersion in the environment and a great interactive capacity.

The stands have several virtual screens that can house galleries of images, videos and interactive content that the exhibitor can configure in real time easily and intuitively. Once inside, the visitor will be able to access all the contents, buy products, speak live with the exhibitor via chat or videoconference, attend webinars, events and talks, amongst other functionalities, with a very high level of accessibility and usability.

All the content of the stands can be streamed on any web browser, including mobile phone browsers, so that the experience is available for any device capable of streaming web technology, anywhere in the world.

Additionally, in the case of mobile devices that have a gyroscope – nowadays the vast majority – the technology allows viewing and touring the stand using the movement of the device as if it were a window to the virtual world.

Virtual pontoons
For shipyards and boat distributors, the Virtual Valencia Boat show stands include the option of incorporating a virtual pontoon to display boats using different technological options.

“The leading brands have already confirmed their presence at Virtual Valencia Boat Show, which I am convinced is going to be a phenomenal revolution for the sector. We guarantee the event will be held; we eliminate barriers and logistics and travel costs; and we achieve an unlimited scope. To showcase the products and services, all the exhibitor has to do is to upload the contents to our platform. We also have the best partner for this adventure, Grupo Alfatec, with whom we have achieved an almost inconceivable level of sophistication”, says Nacho Gómez-Zarzuela, director of Virtual Valencia Boat Show.

“The design of the stands of Virtual Valencia Boat Show is a clear reflection of the alignment of yachting and innovation unique to La Marina de València. Design, technology and the marine sector will come together in this event, to bring the image of the historic port of València to the entire world and to place the city once again at the epicentre of sailing worldwide”, says Vicent Llorens, general director of La Marina de València.

“We have maintained the concept of immersion using 360º technology, giving the visitor the sensation of visiting not a web page, but rather, a virtual world, so the experience is far richer and far more exciting. We have thoroughly studied the needs and possibilities of this event on a virtual level, and we have managed to make it really take off”, says Carlos Pujadas, CEO of Grupo Alfatec.

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